First things first: I sincerely hope this blog doesn’t become solely about my cat. I do have a cat. Her name is Sally and at this very moment she is curled up on my bed next to me, her back against my hip. I don’t think she really loves me. I strongly expect that to her, I am no more than a warm keyboard that bothers her with love and attention and sometimes giver her treats.

I sincerely hope this blog doesn’t become solely about my cat. I really do, but there’s not much else going on in my life right now. I have very little else to talk about. Except me. I haven’t told you a single thing about me.


My name is Julia. I am from New Orleans. I recently moved back to New Orleans after graduating with a BA in Creative Writing. I recently moved back into my childhood bedroom. I recently discovered that there is a point when the bedroom you’ve spent the majority of your life in becomes a childhood bedroom, even if it is also your adult bedroom, and it only has three stuffed animals in it, and there are all at the back of a linen cabinet.

I have a cat named Sally. I have two unfinished novels I’ve been writing. I have a large Netflix queue that I work through rather quickly. I have a severe coffeeaddiction.

I like travelling. I like England and France and I like them in that order. I like Podcasts. I like my cat. I like not being as bored as I am currently.

And unless I start telling you about how my cat has taken to sitting across from me on the couch and glaring at me for hours on end, I don’t have much more to talk about. So let’s end things there.

Lots of love,


current parent-mooching college grad

future crazy cat lady

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