Let’s Throw A Harry Potter Party

How much fun would it have been to attend Hogwarts? Living in a Scottish castle, dining under the stars in the Great Hall, drinking smuggled Butterbeer in the common room, taking moving stairways to classes, living in constant fear of giant snake attacks and escaped convict break-ins…

Everyone who’s grown up with the series has dreamed of getting their acceptance letter by owl post at some point or other. If you’re over 11, the disappointment of that fate-less birthday probably still stings. So let’s talk about how to bring Hogwarts to your own home…

Let’s throw a Harry Potter party.

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Let’s Talk About the French Quarter

A few key terms come to mind when people think about New Orleans: Mardi Gras, Jazz music, Bourbon St., the French Quarter. I’m only really a fan of one of these things, although this cover of One Direction’s “Story of My Life” is everything, and I do love this cover of the Game of Thrones theme

I’m really only a fan of two of these things and today I’m only going to talk about one of them: the French Quarter.

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